Facebook Advertising Workshop

As part of a Facebook advertising workshop, we supported treefin AG as a startup because we value and support entrepreneurship.

The company has set itself the goal of consolidating personal financial transactions into one app. With the service you are new to the market. We have helped the startup to place the product accordingly.
In a workshop on how Facebook Ads work, the customer was thoroughly trained in the advertising channel in order to activate Facebook ads on their own.

We have trained the customer in the following areas through an initial introduction to the topic:

Entry into the advertising tools of Facebook (business manager with Power editor and Ad manager),
Target definition for advertising (prospecting vs. retargeting),
Raising awareness about branding or performance marketing,
Targeting on Facebook (custom audience, lookalike, interest and retargeting),
Setting up an ad account,
Creation and optimization of ads.
The collaboration took place in the course of a workshop with the topic Facebook advertising.