Influencer Marketing & Hashtag Campaign

The protection of personal matters is very important to Provinzial. This motto was made tangible and experienced by us in an interactive campaign. Under the hashtag #weilsmirwichtigist we have called people to show their personal moments that are especially precious for them.
All participants were able to place their photos on various social networks and tag them with the hashtag.
Via a social wall we have drawn all these results from the networks and presented them on a microsite. The hashtag usage stems from Twitter, yet we could win many results from Instagram and Facebook.

In addition, we identified suitable multipliers to increase the campaign’s reach. Ultimately, we were even able to win Lukas Podolski to make a contribution to Instagram.

Within the six-week campaign period, we were able to land over 200,000 likes across the social web. For the provincial brand, this was a step in a new direction in order to open up new topics and also new target groups.



Likes across the social web