Editorial planning social media

You want to get in touch with your target group on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram? To do this, you need a well-designed approach and high-quality content.
On the basis of a Content Strategy, our team continuously develops new content. We create an editorial plan for you every month, discuss topics and formats with you and adapt the communication of your brand to your wishes. It is important to note that the content must be based on the defined objectives and the target group should be interested.

Redaktionsplan 2018

Community management

Brands and products are attracting lovers and opponents alike. And they are in active exchange with each other. As a brand you have to observe this exchange in order to be able to participate actively and to shape it. 

Community Management

Through a professional community management you gain valuable insights about your customers, fans and enemies. Based on experience, we develop individual community management processes such as traffic light systems or social media house rules, so that you have clear guidelines on language, questions and dealing with critical issues. In this way, you can keep crises and Shitstorms in check or completely avert them and keep a cool head.

Influencer Marketing

For a long time now, it’s not just influential bloggers who influence moods in the www. Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and other networks have spawned a new league of opinion leaders: Influencer.

Through meaningful cooperation, influencer marketing can open up completely new target group segments. Why expensive advertising on TV when you reach your customers directly via influencer?

Influencer Marketing

We have direct contacts with influencers in the areas of food, travel and fitness and develop individual strategies that fit the brand and are linked to other media.


In addition to social media measures, ‘ classic ‘ online advertising techniques continue to be extremely successful. Email marketing is still one of the most successful advertising mechanisms. And even if not every company blog attracts passionate readers, there are good reasons for your own content hub.

We use blogs and newsletters in the holistic view of a customer journey to collect and convince customers with appropriate information. In order to increase conversion rates sustainably, we also develop automated newsletters.


Whether you want to reach your customers by newsletter or blog posts, we can help you quickly and easily.

Content production (Photo/Video)

A picture says more than a thousand words. But not every company has glossy images of the products or services. In our agency internal studio or through external shoots we can create photos, animations, illustrations, videos etc.


Our graphics department can then edit the image and video materials so that the look-and-feel fits perfectly with your brand.

Graphic Design

Landingpages / Raffles

You find the rules, guidelines and formats of social media constricting? Need more space and leeway to generate leads? No problem. Together with our experienced developers we create for you an individual landing page or an interactive raffle for the next soccer World Cup or at Christmas time.

Adventskalender Landingpage

In combination with a target group-specific reach campaign on Facebook, we make sure that the relevant target groups become aware of your landing page or your raffles, so you can win them as valuable leads.


Messenger Marketing

It is clear: you have to reach (future) customers with the communication where they are anyway. Whether Facebook or WhatsApp, messengers are some of the most installed apps on German phones.

Messenger Marketing is a young discipline in online marketing. The mobile platforms are used to interact directly with the target group.

Companies have the following connecting factors:

  • Real-time communication
  • 90% opening rates
  • Very high click rates
  • Direct contact between companies and customers
  • Automated dialogs
  • Answer questions about product and brand directly
  • Convey brand messages

Messenger Marketing


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